Creating and designing a Wes Anderson’s theme wallpaper for one of Colony’s Mutiara Damansara main conference room. The stylist decided on a dark emerald colour with dried leaves inspo.

The whole process starts off by picking up various sizes and shapes of dried leaves that we found near our home office. After which, we cleaned it up and took photo of it piece by piece. Editing the colour further on with Photoshop. One by one, we painstakingly placed it onto one another to achieve the final outcome.


Although designing business cards are not new to me, a hot pink business card is definitely a first. 

I thought I heard wrongly when Alexandra Wong, an independent storyteller and solopreneur at Word Matters specifically requested for a hot pink business card design. 

Once in a while, meeting clients like Alex is what makes my work meaningful. I don’t just get to put out my design ideas, but I also bring something home myself. In Alex’s case, I learnt that my business card designs don’t always need to be blue, black, grey or green – which is always the case for my corporate clients. Alex wanted hot pink because it makes her card stand out in a sea of other name cards. Thank you, Alex, for teaching me to dare to be different because you truly are.

Alex is well-known for her portfolio website The bunny is very symbolic of her character, while the officially registered company name is Word Matters. To incorporate these two completely different identities together (which in reality is very Alex), I maintained the emphasis on Word Matters with a subtle bunny icon that sprints or dashes across the ‘A’ in ‘MATTERS’. With this subtle design element, it combines both Word Matters and ‘Bunny Sprints’ perfectly together – as if to say, Bunny only provides “A” class work. 😉


Natural Action Technologies, one of the industry leader in Structured Water Devices. Seen here is a B2C brochure that we designed following their brand guidelines.

Created by Sauce Code.